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Amy Ellsworth is a registered dietitian with degrees in both business and nutrition. She believes the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle begins with proper nutrition. Amy’s approach comes from a holistic point of view, treating the person as a whole rather than compartmentalizing each sign and symptom. She educates and empowers her clients to reclaim their health and life.

Based on the current research and literature, she also believes that many diseases and disorders are a result of the toxic environment we are living in and that changes in diet and lifestyle can turn the tide. Amy uses a method called “Quantum Reflex Analysis” to determine nutritional deficiencies, nerve and energy flow disruption and possible infections.

As a busy wife and mother of three teenage boys, she also understands the many challenges parents experience in offering children a variety of healthy food choices they will actually eat. Providing families and individuals of all ages with nutrition counseling and tools for success is at the core of her mission. Allow Amy to help guide you down the path of health freedom and empowered health!

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